Take Action

1. Learn about the Campaign

  • Educate Yourself! The goals of our actions are to highlight the illegal occupation of Palestine and continue to build public support in opposition to the RE/MAX's profit off of Israel's crimes. Essential to any movement of solidarity is building our awareness within ourselves and our community. Read Why RE/MAX is being targeted and About the campaign. Also, check out the FAQs to understand how boycotts are an essential tool of non-violent activism and answers to potential questions people might ask you.

2. Let RE/MAX Hear from You

  • Sign the Petition! RE/MAX needs to hear from YOU. Sign our petition to send a letter directly to Dave Liniger Chairman of the Board of RE/MAX International. the more signatures and calls they receive, the more pressure they will feel to do the right thing.
  • Call the National Headquarters at (303) 770-5531 and use our sample script:
    • Good day, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am calling from [YOUR CITY] to express my concern about your company's involvement in the sale and rental of settlement properties in the West Bank. As a concerned resident of my community, I am asking you to stop profiting from dispossession, land theft and violations of international law.

3. Plan an Action at Your Local RE/MAX Office

  • Take the message to a Re/Max office in your community. Follow our Action Guide to plan an action that will pressure Re/Max to do the right thing and will help educate your community about the situation on the ground in Palestine. 

4. Spread the Word

  • Follow us on social media and help us spread the word. The more people on the team, the more noise we make, the more pressure we can put on Re/Max to stop profiting from occupation.

5. Keep Updated on the Campaign

  • Sign up for our Remodel RE/MAX: No Open House on Stolen Land campaign email alerts for quick and easy updates and actions you can take. Check out our In the News blog on important coverage of the campaign in local and global press.

6.  Share Your Ideas and Feedback with Us!

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